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Founder and Executive Director: 

Although headed by Ruqaiya Chamas, our strength comes from our partners, supporters and volunteers. We are a group of hardworking, dedicated, sensitive and courageous women…. mothers, sisters and daughters, who just could no longer look the other way when millions of children are homeless, helpless, hungry, sick and without education. From Jordan, ‘Hold My Hand’ is a voice of every such child!

Field Manager: 

Based in Amman, Jordan, Basim Saleh Zidan Albqowr, has been actively working with ‘Hold My Hand’ since the beginning. He is responsible for carrying out all ground activities such as supporting orphans and the displaced families, and distributing food baskets to the needy and poor families’ outskirts of Amman.

How did it all begin?

Although based in Dubai, Ruqaiya Chamas stayed  in Jordan to start a branch office of her company, when Syria exploded. Millions of refugees poured into Lebanon and Jordan, more than 50% were children! In the beginning in 2015, we carried out small projects with our partners in Lebanon to supply medicines and other items needed particularly by young girls and elderly. Soon then, it was very clear that education and nutrition for children were the most pressing needs. So “Hold My Hand” was registered in Jordan in 2018 and we organized our work in Jordan and in Lebanon with our partners. 

How Do we work:

Our supporters, volunteers and partners are our strength. From doctors, psychiatrists, teachers, friends to students, we bring in our expertise and share it with our children. More than anything else, it is the human touch that comforts ………and heals!

What We Believe: 

  • We believe in the inherent goodness of human nature.
  • We believe that a little more sensitivity, a little more attention, a little more help for the refugee and downtrodden children can go a long way.
  • We believe these children have the right to education, health and safety.
  • We believe a consistent and continuous help will bear fruits.