Educational Support

Our Education Center In Akkar (North Lebanon)

Our partner Al Malak, manages an education center in Akkar (North Lebanon). Approximately 400 children study in 30 portable class rooms. The children are taught different subjects required in the Lebanese Government Schools so that they can join the schools and continue their studies.

Our children stay with us up to 12 pm. We provide them lunch at the center and then they are transported to local Lebanese Government Schools. We provide the transport services from the camps to our center in the mornings, to the government school in the afternoons and then back to the camps in the evenings.

Our Schools In Bekaa Valley

Our partner SSSE   manages 3 schools in Bekaa Valley with over 1300 students (serving Ber Elias, Zahle and, other smaller camps in the vicinity).

The children are taught and prepared so that they can be transferred to Lebanon’s public school system to ensure that they are able to obtain official and accredited certificates.